Friends of falmouth dogs

Friends of falmouth dogs group

We're on the west coast of britain, and i'm trying to set up some online fundraising for the dogs rescued by the group i belong to, falmouth animal sanctuary.

The aim is to set up an online bank acount, and to run a series of fundraising campaigns from the bank.

The problem is that these can get quite technical for a non-tech savvy person like myself.

Anyone got any tips? I'm willing to learn if they're willing to teach me.

(I'm not expecting anything super-speedy here - as the site I'd set it up on would probably be hosted by a third party - just wanting to get the basics nailed.)

(And is anyone's suggestion actually workable? I can see a lot of potential problems in this - from the security of the bank, to any charges/interest etc.)

Re: Friends of falmouth dogs group

I'm just about to set up something like this myself, but with different (and free) technology. And as you have a web developer in your life (or have just finished one), then I'm sure that you are in good hands.

I've found an interesting company called (see the link) which offers several different options to make this (and other stuff) a bit easier.

If you are looking to fund the running of the project I would recommend the 'Friends' option.

From the home page

What is Friends?

Friends helps your startup network of people around the world to fundraise for the community. No matter who you are and no matter how many people you know, Friends will help you raise funds to help the community.

How does Friends work?

Friends gives your social network the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves - all for the benefit of the community.

Why friends?

Friends is a way for you and your community to share experiences and spread awareness of your causes. It's a global movement you can be part of without leaving the comfort of your own bed.

How do Friends work?

It's really easy - a small click and your friends can help you fundraise for your causes, just like you. Friends is not a fund raising website, but an idea that helps you make your friends fundraise for your causes. So you can fundraise for your causes, with your friends, the same as you would to raise money for your own cause.

How many people can I fundraise for?

You can fundraise for as many people as you want.

How can I find friends to fundraise for?

Simply click here and add your Facebook account so you can find people who are already in your network and want to help others.

How much will I get if I do this?

You can choose to fundraise for yourself or your community - you decide what to fundraise for. You can also choose how much you fundraise for and the amount you can raise will be displayed on your friends' screen.

How do I connect with other Friends?

You can connect with other Friends with Facebook. Simply click on the 'Join' button, follow the instructions and it's done!

Do I need to tell my friends what I'm doing?

If you tell them, the Friends will know it's because you want them to fundraise for your causes. If you don't tell them, it will be your friends who decide to fundraise for your causes.

Do I have to tell anyone in my community about my activities?

No, just tell your friends that you're going to help others. Your friends can keep it to themselves or share it with the community. You decide what to share.

How often can I fundraise?

You can fundraise anytime you want. You just need to start a fundraiser before you start and stop a fundraiser at any time you want.

Can I change my goals?

Yes, you can change your goals at any time. Simply click on your goal and change it to what you want.

Can I add more friends to my team?

Yes, you can add more friends to your team. Simply click on the team and add a friend who would be interested in fundraising.

Can I raise more money?

Yes, you can raise more money. Simply click on your goal and change it to raise more money. Your friends will raise more money for your goals if they fundraise.

How do I cancel a fundraiser?

If you want to cancel a fundraiser, click on your fundraiser and press the cancel button.

Who can see what I do?

Everyone! The privacy settings on Facebook only show what Friends can see.

I lost some of my friends on Facebook! Can I still use the system?

Yes, you will still be able to see what they're fundraising for and if they're willing to help fundraise for others.

Why isn't my friend able to see what I'm doing?

There may be a reason your friend isn't able to see what you're doing. The simplest way to find out why would be to contact your friend and ask them what is going on.

If you have lost access to a fundraising page, there's some help for you on the help page, too.

If the problem persists, you can always request an individual login so your friends can see what you're doing.

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