Wfs and strays dog rescue

Wfs and strays dog rescue (with some cats too, if you are up to that)

A Little Bit About Us…

We are a small, dedicated group of volunteers and foster parents in the Portland metro area. We are working to make a difference in our community by bringing homeless dogs into our homes, until we find a good home for them. Please be prepared to help us care for them as we do.

For more information, please check out the About Us page or contact us.

Meet the Group

We are a very dedicated group of foster parents that are all working hard to make a difference in the lives of the dogs that come into our lives and to improve the quality of life of our shelter and the community. We are all dedicated to helping all of the animals that come into our care as long as they are willing to stay with us for the length of time that they need to. This includes our foster dogs and our shelter dogs.

There are 7 of us working on the group and we are all volunteers. We all come from different backgrounds. We all are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the animals that come into our care. We love animals and know how important it is to find good homes for the animals that are being neglected. We all feel that the community should have a place for all animals. This means that even if they don’t seem to be good candidates for our shelter dogs, that there should be someplace where these dogs can go and be cared for until they can find their own forever homes.

Our Goal

Our goal is to find homes for our shelter dogs and to find homes for the dogs that come into our foster homes. We want to make a difference in the lives of these dogs as well as help the community by making sure that there is a place for these animals.

What’s New?

This site is getting a makeover. A few of the pages are pretty new, but many of them are completely rebuilt. Please be patient with us while we finish the work.

Donate To Our Charity

We know it is going to take money to make a difference in the lives of the dogs that we help, but we also know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to helping homeless animals. You can donate to a local animal shelter, which is one of the best ways to help. You can help with spaying/neutering, or provide food for our shelter dogs or even help pay for medical care. You can choose a local charity or help one of ours. We know that we are all working with animals all the time and that some of you feel like the work we do is too much, but this is the reality. Our dogs need help and so do our shelter dogs. This is the place to help with that.

About Our Shelter Dogs

Our shelter dogs are very sweet and like people. They are all rescues or strays that we found ourselves. The dogs are all in need of medical care. We do what we can to help the dogs we have in our care, but it can’t be with our time that we spend at work. We work with the Portland Animal Shelter to find homes for these dogs. The dogs are very social and would do great with kids. They would all need to go to a home where they would be loved and where they would get plenty of attention. Most of our dogs come from an owner that has abandoned them. We don’t know where they are. It is likely that they have been hit by a car. These dogs will come to us, but they do need to be taken in hand. They need help. We don’t know where they are, and we can’t be all the way to find them. If you find one of these dogs, please call us to get them into a foster home. We do not get them until they are in a foster home.

About Our Foster Dogs

Our foster dogs are a wide range of breeds. We have everything from pit bulls to Chihuahuas. We get dogs from the shelter, we get dogs from our friends, and we even get dogs from other foster families. They are all healthy and social. The dogs get to play and be social and also get to meet some really great people who love animals. The dogs come to us from the shelter, but most of them are strays that people have found and brought in to us. This includes cats too. Some of the dogs that come to us are already micro chipped. The foster parents do all of the trning. This means that they do all of the socialization with the dogs that come into our care. The foster parents also have to trn the foster dogs. There are different types of trning for each type of dog. We do the most amount of trning for the dogs that we find in the shelter. We also do trning with the dogs that come from our friends and from the dogs that are fostered by our group. All of the foster dogs have to get their shots. We get them from the vet at the shelter. If the foster parent needs to have a particular breed, they can pick one. Most of the dogs will be spayed or neutered before they come to our group. We also make sure that the foster parents are good with kids. Many of our dogs are already socialized and would do great with children. We also give the foster parents a lot of support. This includes things like trning, medical care, food, vet care, supplies, and a lot more. We work with our foster parents to help them and the foster dogs.

The dogs do get to live in our home, but they also need to live in a foster home. Our foster homes are all volunteer based. This means that they do not get pd for the time that they help with the dogs that come into our care. The foster home does get a lot of support from our group, but they also need to work to make a difference in the lives of the dogs that they help. Some of our foster parents work full time, while others work from home. The foster homes get a lot of support from our group and from the Portland

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