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Answers raw dog food

I was thinking about getting a raw dog food (and of course raw bone and raw food only with the exception of raw meat). Has anyone else tried it?

We can only make one suggestion, which is simply to talk to your vet and ask if it is safe. Some do and some do not. Even the vets have differing opinions. Your vet will be able to tell you this for sure. I'm guessing if it is safe for your boy it will be safe for you, if not, you will want to talk to your vet about other options for you, if any.

I have been doing my 2yr old raw bone/food only since June and my vet was very worried but now I have stopped with raw food, my vet says raw meat, bones and raw food is just fine. I use just bone and the rest of the food is raw food.

The most important things to remember: When making your raw food, it is important that you use a food mill to properly grind the food. You don't want to expose yourself or your dog to any meat or bone that's going to be fed raw. Also, don't feed it to your dog strght from the freezer (unless its a frozen raw food, such as Wild Wilderness brand). Feed it out of a bowl, and let your dog eat it off his paws like they would eat a regular meal.

One of the other things to consider is the amount of salt that's in a regular dog food. Salt has a negative effect on dogs, so it's best to reduce or eliminate the salt from your dog's diet. If you use an unprocessed food (that isn't going to contn meat, fat, bones, etc.) that contns salt, it's fine. Even if the food is raw, you shouldn't have to worry about your dog eating too much of it and developing a salt disorder. On the other hand, if you're feeding him cooked food or cooked food with salt, you may have to start to ween him off that food. You want to gradually wean your dog off the salt that's in his regular food.

If you use a raw food diet, make sure you only feed it to your dog once or twice a week. If you eat it every day, you might be doing more harm than good. When your dog eats a raw diet, it's important to stick with it. It should be the only thing your dog eats. If you've been feeding him regular food as well, make sure you ween him off the regular food, and then feed him his raw diet only.

Another thing that some people ask about is, how often do I need to feed him a raw food diet? Well, as a rule of thumb, I would feed my dogs about two to three meals a week, but agn, this depends on a variety of things: How often do you feed them? Is it a dog that eats once or twice a day? Or does your dog eat several meals a day? You may have to feed him more or less. Is it a holiday or special occasion? Maybe he's going through an illness, or maybe you're just traveling a lot and you can't feed him as often?

Also, consider that your dog may need to have different amounts of food for each meal. When he first starts on the raw food diet, a smaller amount of food is probably enough. If he's had a big meal before you feed him, you may want to feed him less food.

This brings me to one of my other points about raw food diets: There is no wrong or right way to feed your dog. It's all about what works for you. Some people think a raw diet is too hard on your dog. Others think a raw diet is too soft, and they will often just throw their dog's meals into a food processor and blend them up so they are easier to eat.

My personal feeling on this is, I think it's a really personal thing. If you're cooking your dog's food every day, that's fine. I would rather have my dog take a little more time and have a variety of tastes in his food rather than a huge variety of taste. If you want a very soft texture, you can add just a bit of water to your dog's food and blend it up. The great thing about dogs is that they will usually eat a lot of a particular food. So if you're putting it in a food processor and blending it up, you don't need a lot of that food to make it work for your dog.

However, if you're not cooking the food, you will have to put it in a food processor anyway. So if you do this, you may as well make it easy on your dog. I tend to use my food processor with a mixture of about 80% cooked food, 20% frozen food, and frozen vegetables. I also use a bit of water to blend things up a bit.

There are some food processors out there that are actually very sophisticated and can crush nuts and other things as well. If you're a nut-aholic, you could put in the peanuts and then you have a nice blended, smooth, crunchy, nut-filled dog food. So really, whatever works for you. It's all about taste. If you find that you like a particular texture, you can blend things up to suit your own tastes. You can really make it your own.

Another thing that I've heard from more and more people is that they don't feel they can feed a raw diet because their dog doesn't like it. Now, that's very, very hard to believe. I have fed a raw diet to two different dogs at my house and they both loved it. My own dog loves raw food and loves the taste. In fact, I would say she could probably eat raw food all the time. However, she also loves a nice fresh meat or salmon and some chicken from time to time. So in her case, it was just a matter of her not wanting the raw food for some reason. However, in both cases, the dogs absolutely loved the food. I think it's a bit of personal preference. If you find that your dog will not eat the raw food, then you need to feed something else. I've given him that same recipe above, with the cooked food and I think he likes it.

So, you can have the same exact food that I recommend for dogs. You just have to figure out how much meat, raw or cooked, that you need to feed your dog.

One other thing. There are some dogs that just don't like fish. If your dog is not a huge fan of fish, I would recommend a fish-based kibble. Of course, this isn't a problem if your dog is a vegetarian or vegan. However, I know that there are dogs that aren't huge fans of fish but they do like eggs and chicken. But in the case of my raw food dog, I would not feed him a fish-based kibble because he absolutely LOVES fish! He also loves ground turkey.

So, I really recommend the recipe I have given you for the dog food. I would also recommend some sort of meat-based kibble. We have never done a vegetarian diet with our dogs and so far, they haven't been that interested in it. So, I haven't tried it but we have given them other things to eat on occasion and they have loved it.

So, what do you think? Would your dog like to try raw food? If so, let me know in the comments below. I am always interested in hearing feedback.

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