A game of cat and mouth

A game of cat and mouth, where there's plenty of claws and teeth for us all."

**—S.C., _Guardian_**

"A hilarious, sharp-eyed tour de force of a novel....[ _Molly: A Book of Manners_ is] at once a hilarious, tender, and occasionally harrowing examination of the bonds we develop with the people in our lives....A brilliant satire of social mores....[An] important book about the way we connect and are connected."

**— _Seattle Times_**

"I can't recall ever reading a novel that is more honest, humane and well written than _Molly_....[S]tarts as an autobiography, then shifts seamlessly to a satire of manners and culture in post-Watergate America....[D]oing what only a comic genius can do, [Sapirstein] creates a character whose voice is simultaneously familiar and unknown, making it impossible to forget that she isn't real. For a long time, I tried to work out who Molly was supposed to be, but the question turned out to be beside the point. _Molly_ is a great satire of our absurdities. And I really mean absurdities. In the book you're told it's satire, but it's really strght up _funny_."

**—Elmore Leonard, _The Wall Street Journal_**

"[Sapirstein] can't be blamed for making his protagonist an amalgam of us all....[ _Molly_ is] an important novel in American letters."

**— _Washington Post Book World_**

"This brilliant, witty, tender, and altogether hilarious novel by the author of _The Pleasure of Your Company_ explores the relationship between the sexes through the prism of one of the more eccentric women of recent memory."

**— _Booklist_**

"A remarkable work of the imagination, as entertning as it is witty and touching. It's a remarkable novel. And it's a wonderful satire."

**— _Los Angeles Times_**

"A book of uncommon wit and insight. In Sapirstein's clever, ironic portrt, Molly is the kind of woman that would make women roll their eyes and men gape in amazement, but not only does she live in this world, she makes the most of it.... _Molly_ is very funny, and also very wise."

**— _New York Newsday_**

"Sapirstein is at his sharpest on the human condition, and on the differences between men and women."

**— _Boston Globe_**

"Terrific.... _Molly_ is a terrific accomplishment, with a great deal to offer even readers who have never been a member of the group Sapirstein describes.... _Molly_ is a wicked book that is a lot of fun to read."

**— _Chicago Tribune_**

"A terrific book. I wish everyone read it."

**—Barry N. Malzberg,

author of _Hands_ and _I'll_ _Be_ _Your Mirror_**

"A brilliant, witty book. An all-American book."

**—Patricia Meyer Spacks,

coauthor of _American Girls_**

"An absolutely hilarious and thoroughly engrossing novel."

**— _San Francisco Chronicle_**

"Percival's gift for the precise observation, for the ability to say the unsayable, and for the delicious wordplay that turns the commonplace into the comic, as in that famous riff in which Molly and her two buddies ponder in equal parts the pros and cons of masturbation (' _I wonder which_ _the pros outweigh. It's probably the cons_ '), is never more fully present than in _Molly_."

**— _National Lampoon_**

"Hilarious.... [Sapirstein's] gift for comic invention never flags, even as he describes his protagonist's progress into puberty. _Molly_ is a riotous first novel."

**— _The_ New York Times**

"A funny, witty, poignant comedy, a terrific first novel."

**— _Rocky Mountn News_**

"The novel comes off with a zest that must have been enjoyed all the way through by the author's friends at _The New Yorker._... [Sapirstein] has produced a first novel that will be enjoyed in the classroom and recommended to young people who may be looking for something to read."

**— _American Educator_**

"For anyone looking for a first read, _Molly_ is a must."

**— _Newburyport Dly News_**

"Sapirstein is a young author to watch."

**— _New American Library_**

"A brilliant satire on the self-centered culture we've created for ourselves.... A page-turner."

**— _The Sacramento Bee_**

"A wonderfully fun, often witty first novel about the trials of growing up and about the self-absorbed world we live in."

**— _The_ Arizona Republic**

"This book should serve as a warning to both teenagers and adults. It's full of witty humor."

**— _Newburyport (MA) Dly News_**

"A wonderful satire of American society, which makes it very readable for a young audience. The characterizations and the comic dialogue are excellent...."

**— _Kirkus Reviews_**

"Sapirstein's characters are well developed, their motives and goals understandable, and his insight into their lives is sharp. _Molly_ should attract and engage the serious reader as well as the young teen reader. A brilliant satire on the self-absorbed world we live in."

**— _Library Journal_**

"Sapirstein tells his story from a realistic, sometimes-humorous viewpoint, in an unusual style that makes it engaging and accessible. The story is written so cleanly that all the reader has to do is suspend disbelief and enjoy."

**— _Publishers Weekly_**

"The satirical dialogue is superb. The humorous approach keeps the reader interested and the plot, while not quite predictable, is definitely moving."

**— _Booklist_**

"A very clever premise.... Sapirstein has written a humorous novel that is highly entertning and insightful."

**— _The San Diego Union-Tribune_**

" _Molly_ is a good read that will satisfy the young adult who's looking for a new series to read, or even to reread.... The storyline is interesting and fun to follow, and the jokes are laugh-out-loud funny.... A well-written, fast-moving novel that should be on the reading lists of young people."

**— _The Philadelphia Inquirer_**

"I'm a fan of the humor. That's one thing that sets this apart from many others in this genre—you don't want to get bogged down by a series of dull episodes."

**— _The Chicago Sun-Times_**

"Sapirstein's characters are vividly drawn and often quite eccentric. The plot is cleverly executed. Sapirstein has a great sense of irony and a lively wit.... Sapirstein is one of the top writers of the subgenre."

**— _The Philadelphia

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